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Notes about the Towns in Italy – November 2016

We went to a lot of cities that I had never been to before so was able to rule out a lot of potential retirement towns.   Milan was a waste this is a big business town and not worth much time for sightseeing.   Bologna was nice good shopping and interesting city to explore so might go back to visit again.   Salerno was a waste we only stayed an hour instead of the 4 hours I had planed the nicest building...

So you thought posing with the pigeons was a great idea? Think again. CHRIS CIOLLI 9.30.2016 SHARELINES   Whatever you do, think before you make any loud noises in Germany. Think common sense is enough to keep you on the right side of the law in Europe? Think again. Avoiding activities that are illegal at home is a good starting point, but it’s not quite enough. Skip the fines and unpleasant encounters...

6 Things to Know About Visiting the Caribbean During Hurricane Season

6 Things to Know About Visiting the Caribbean During Hurricane Season ANN ABEL 9.22.2015     The conventional wisdom is that the Caribbean is a no-go zone during hurricane season. The conventional wisdom is wrong—even though some parts of the year are more statistically likely to see hurricanes, that hardly means one is guaranteed. On most days of the year, most destinations are enjoying balmy, sunny days and calm seas. Hurricanes affect only a small part of a big region at...

The Best Gelato Shops in Italy’s Major Cities

The Best Gelato Shops in Italy’s Major Cities Because not all gelato is created equal. NILE CAPPELLO 11.5.2015 Deep, bitter and rich cioccolato fondente. Fresh, bright and refreshing frutti di bosco. Simple, classic and creamy fior di latte. This is the art of gelato, and nobody does it better than Italy. While exploring the cobbled streets of Rome, canals of Venice, and beaches of Taormina, gelato shops seem to call your name from every corner. With...

Before You Go on Your First European Vacation – One Month Before You Depart

By James Martin Europe Travel Expert   Here’s the point at which you need to get your STUFF together. You’ve taken care of reservations, transportation, airline tickets and now you can start thinking of your luggage, camera, money, electrical adapters and travel insurance. Travel Insurance Here’s where you need to think about insurance. Is the stuff you’ll be carrying valuable?...

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