Notes about the Towns in Italy – November 2016


We went to a lot of cities that I had never been to before so was able to rule out a lot of potential retirement towns.  

Milan was a waste this is a big business town and not worth much time for sightseeing.  

Bologna was nice good shopping and interesting city to explore so might go back to visit again.  

Salerno was a waste we only stayed an hour instead of the 4 hours I had planed the nicest building to see was the train station otherwise it’s mostly a working dock town.

Lecce was OK we stayed there a few days enough to know they work on the same “time” as Sicily schedules are a suggestion not a certainty.

Bari was my favorite and one I will go to hopefully staying there for a week or so but of all the town this is the one I could see living in so the next trip will focus on this town.

We had a great time exploring lots of new and old places and I am already planning the next trip.



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