The nightmare of our flights on Delta airlines

The nightmare of our flights on Delta airlines

Nov 23 2016 Update: Delta Customer Care contacted me and offered the following which is appreciated so I wanted to post this update with what the compensations and goodwill gestures are:

  1. Checks: “After reviewing your claim, compensation is due in accordance with the EU recommendations (EU 261). I’ll request two checks, each in the amount of $639.32 equivalent to EUR 600. Please allow enough time for processing and postal delivery at your***** address.”
  2. “We’re sorry you weren’t seated in the forward cabin as planned. An adjustment has been made for the fare difference between the class of service purchased and the class of service flown.  We processed a refund on November 23, 2016 as follows: $111.63”
  3. “Additionally, as a goodwill gesture, an Electronic Transportation Credit Voucher was issued for $300.00. ” 

So the morale of the story is to know what your rights are and to ask to be compensated the worst that happens is you are told no.  

One of the reasons I usually fly Delta is because they have always provided better customer service then any other airline and with this resolution once again they are living up to my expectations.


We splurged on the flights to Italy we went business class since we are both older and wanted the extra comfort and the outbound trip was OK but the return was NOT.  

The return on Delta and my nightmares notes:

  • The flight started great even CDG airport (they finally finished the renovation) and we had the first good experience in France.
  • The nightmare started when we were delayed because of a mechanical issue then other issues with the fueling so of course we knew that we would miss the connection from Seattle to Boise but the flight crew reassured us that everything would be fine since Delta would already have rebooked us on the next available flight even if it was not on Delta which was good since the next flight that we would be able to make would be on Alaska.  Only after the nine plus hours we found out that Delta didn’t book us on that but on a Delta flight that would mean we wold get in over 4 hours later then planned and we would be in coach not first.
  • So we asked about compensation but was told that we had to go though a customer care agent and I thought OK they have them in the Delta Club but no the agent there said you have to call the Customer care line but they were closed for the day.
  • I still have not been able to get to a Customer care agent the call back message never works and now it’s the weekend and the posted hours are only Monday-Friday.
  • My recommendation is that if traveling with
    and not helpful mostly you are on your own.  
  • As far as business class the comfort is great but not really worth the extra cost you get the same service if you buy the cheap seats as you do if you pay for extra comfort.

flights on delta airlines

Notes on our  flight to Rome:

  1. The access to the Delta Lounges was great one I would recommend to anyone who has a long layover.  
  2. The seating was amazing very comfortable and help make the flight a lot less tiring then the coach seats.
  3. The food was not very good only the main entree and dessert were really eatable to us we must just not have correct palettes for “European Yuppie” food.  
  4. Going though passport control in Amsterdam was not fun they only had 2 booth open for EU and non EU passport holders so the line was HUGE with lots of people cutting into the line.


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